Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jaguar PC Hosting
Who are we?               provides high-quality internet hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, overnment agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. We have been in the hosting business since 1998 where our brand " JaguarPC " was created., the world's most trusted and experienced hosting company, delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC's core portfolio comprises information technology and business hosting services, as well as programming services. JaguarPC's three complementary, subsidiary businesses are Aletia Hosting, one of the world's leading high-value low-cost hosting companies, Devpond software, a web software company, and, a innovative new brand to expand the JaguarPC line of services.

We support the business and personal clients from across the globe. World leading companies and governments in many countries.
  • - Employees: Onsite and Offsite staffing
  • - Over 10 yrs in the hosting industry!
  • - Nearly 95% annual growth rate
  • - Ranked in the top of many hosting review sites
  • - Featured by Inetinteractive as leading hosting provider
Our History:
JaguarPC prides itself on providing a strong foundation for businesses to thrive. Our strategy is simple, maintain focus on our clients at all time. We believe the main reason JaguarPC thrives in a market where others are failing is our ability to maintain focus. We focus on the clients needs and establish a strong foundation based on those needs for a client to reach their goals. What we do best is provide a means to a focused goal through a solid foundation by using high value low cost solutions.
Our Strategy:
JaguarPC was established in 1998 by Greg Landis. While its corporate structure has changed to adapt to the growing business size the idealogy and ownership remains consitant with its founding principles. Over the years JaguarPC grew from a 2 server operation to a massive operation with thousands of servers while almost doubling its client base year after year. Today JaguarPC is among the most well respected and well known web hosting providers in the world. Our expanding offices, in varous cities such as Houston, Atlanta, and Las Vegas have been a key ingredient to our success. Houston is among one of the fastest growing IT industries which provides a great deal of diversity for recruitment.

JaguarPC today now provides web services to hundreds of thousands of businesses, private parties, and governments. Many of the clients served by us today are starting just as we did in 1998. Our experience and well reputation speak for themselves and shine in everything we do.

"We believe we will continue to expand and absorb the competition through our value added services and personal attention. No matter what our size one thing remains true, our dedication to the clients, be it 1 or 1,000,000." - CTO, .                           Click Here Get Job

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